The International Rose O'Neill Club Foundation presents awards annually on an international basis to students planning to major in an area of the arts. Students must be recommended by an IROCF member to apply for a scholarship. To apply for an IROCF scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application below and mail to the address on the form.





For the scholastic year _____

Completed application must be received by April 1, and submitted to:

Scholarship Committee Chairman, International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation

P.O. Box 668, Branson, MO  65616


  1. Name and address of applicant  __________________________________________________



      2.  In which area of fine arts do you plan to specialize?  __________________________________

       3.  What is your present educational status?

             a.  Are you enrolled in a program?  _______________________________________________

             b.  Where do you wish to enroll?  ________________________________________________

             c.  For how long a period in either a. or b.?  ________________________________________

     4.  Will you have financial help other than this award?  __________________________________

             a.  If yes, please list source and amount.  _______________________________________

     5.  Indicate here any special accomplishments you have attained in any field of Fine Arts (awards,                 scholarships, special recognition, etc.)





     6.  What would the scholarship award permit you to do that you could not do otherwise?




      7.  Please ask one teacher with whom you have worked in a student-teacher relationship and one                civic leader in your hometown to send letters of recommendation to the address above.  Please              note that the letters of recommendation must be received by April 1 for the application to be                  considered. 

      8.  All blanks must be filled properly and all requests met before the applicant is eligible to receive a            scholarship award.


I declare all information to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge:

Applicant’s signature  __________________________________________________________________



To be completed by the sponsoring member of the IROCF


Printed name of the submitting member  ___________________________________________________


Signature of the submitting member  ______________________________________________________


Name of applicant  _____________________________________________________________________

Please give specific reasons why you are recommending this applicant.  You may attach another sheet if it is more convenient.






  1. The purpose of the IROCF Scholarship Fund is to promote the cultural arts with financial aid, interest and compassion in keeping with the philosophy of Rose O’Neill to help others as she did during her lifetime.
  2. The applicant must be recommended in writing by a member in good standing of the IROCF.
  3. The recipient(s) will be selected by a Scholarship Committee with final approval by the Board of Directors.
  4. Provisions of the scholarship are as follows:

a.  Applicant must pursue a Fine Arts education.  Fine Arts is defined as those areas of the arts in which Rose O’Neill participated which include visual arts (painting, illustration and sculpture), music, theater, and literary composition (poetry, novels and books).

b.  To receive a scholarship, applicant must be found worthy of this consideration.

c.  Applicant must be in need of financial aid.

d.  Applicant must have shown above average grades or abilities in the type of art studies the applicant desires.

e.  Applicant must have been accepted in a college or in a qualified private training program before a scholarship is received.  Applicant must pursue a Fine Arts curriculum.

f.  Applicant’s grades or progress reports must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee at the end of the first grading period for which the scholarship award is received in order to receive the second half of the scholarship.

g,  The type of training for which the applicant seeks aid will be considered in making the final choice for the scholarship awards.

     5,  Priorities in awarding the scholarship amongst the applicants will be considered in this order:

a.  Qualifications of the applicant
      i.   Artistic
      ii.  Academic

b,  Financial need of the applicant
c,  Goals of the applicant
d.  Character of the applicant

              e.  Number of applications by the applicant
                    i.  First time applicant.

                   ii.  Second time applicant who received a scholarship

           iii.   Second time applicant who did not receive a scholarship

      6.  Disbursement of Scholarship funds:
             a.  One half of the scholarship award will be paid to the college or institution when recipient is                             required to make the first payment of tuition and fees.
             b.  The second half of the scholarship award will be paid to the college or institution upon the                             Scholarship Committee’s receipt of quarterly grades, semester grades, or progress reports.

      7.  The amount of the scholarship award for a given year will be determined by the availability of funds in            the Scholarship Fund during the Board of Director’s annual meeting in April

      8.  In keeping with the humanitarian philosophy of Rose O’Neill, no person applying for a scholarship                  award will be discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation,              or national or ethnic origin.





  • John Derby, Aurora, MO
  • Rose Dolezal, Columbia, MO
  • Annie Brechbuhler, Crane, MO
  • Erin Simmons, Aurora, MO 
  •  Katie Arriolia, Nashville, TN


  • Alex Brechbuhler, Crane, MO
  • Annie Brechbuhler, Crane, MO
  • John Derby, Aurora, MO


  • Alex Brechbuhler, Crane, MO
  • Erin Kahoa, Parkersburg, WV
  • Amanda Mills, Springfield, MO
  • Heather Nelton, Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Ashley Smith, Lenexa, KS


  • Amanda Mills
  • Benton Schoerock, Atlantic, IA
  • MaryEllen Vansandt, Springfield, MO


  • Benton Schoerock, Atlantic, IA
  • Mary Vansant, Springfield, MO


  • Rachel Christianson
  • Bridget Durkin, Aurora, MO
  • Michelle Hansen, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Michael Rovner, Robbinsville, NJ
  • Deborah Vaughn


  • Michael Rovner, Robbinsville, NJ
  • Bridget Durkin, Aurora, MO


  • Michelle Hansen, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Caitlin Galt, Oregon, IL
  • Sarah Lowe, Denver, CO


  • Michelle Hansen, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Caitlin Galt, Oregon, IL
  • Wendy Binns, Calinda, IA
  • Sarah Lowe, Denver, CO


  • Bridgett Durkin, Aurora, MO
  • Caitlin Galt, Oregon, IL
  • Jeremy Taylor, Cassville, MO


  • Jeremy Taylor, Cassville, MO
  • Erin Kahoa, Cheyenne, OK


  • Jeremy Taylor, Cassville, MO
  • Ashli Paige, Atlanta, GA
  • Kami Robertson, Minco, OK
  • Becky Shinn, Aurora, MO


  • Ryan Hudson
  • Kami Robertson, Minco, OK
  • Amanda Witkowksi