For the scholastic year ______ - ______

Completed application must be received by April 11 to be considered at the current year’s Kewpiesta and submitted to the Scholarship Committee Chairman:

Arlene Asher  International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation 103 W. Locust Aurora, MO  65605

1. Name of applicant: ____________________________________________________________

2. Address of applicant: __________________________________________________________

3. In which area of fine arts do you plan to specialize? __________________________________

4. Present educational status in this area? ___________________________________________     

A. Enrolled in a program ___ Yes ___ No If yes, where? _____________________________     

B. Wish to enroll where? ______________________________________________________     

C. for how long a period in either A or B? _________________________________________

5. How is your financial need being met now? ________________________________________  



6. Will you have financial help other than this award? ___ Yes ___ No      If yes, from what source?


7. Indicate here any special accomplishments you have attained in your chosen area of Fine Arts   

(awards, scholarships, special recognition, etc.) _____________________________________   



8. What would the scholarship award be used for?_____________________________________   



9. Please ask one teacher with whom you have worked in student-teacher relationship and one civic leader in your home town to send letters of recommendation to the address above. Please note that the letters of recommendation must be received by April 1 for the application to be considered.

10. All blanks must be filled properly and all requests met before applicant is eligible to receive a scholarship award.

I personally declare all information to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge:Applicant’s

signature ____________________________________________________________
                          To be completed by the IROCF sponsoring member

Printed name and signature of submitting member _____________________________________

Give pertinent reasons why you are recommending this applicant