Other Web Sites that celebrate Rose O'Neill.

  • Bittersweet article on Rose O'Neill - Another good biography of Rose with more graphics. Of particular note was the thank you to Pearl Hodges, Jean Cantwell, THE ONE ROSE by Rowena Goddlng Ruggles, and the Shepherd of the Hills Farm Museum In Branson, Missouri. (Fall 1997)
  • Bonniebrook Historical Society and Kewpie Museum - The purpose of BHS is to collect, preserve, and make availagle for educational and historical purposes artifacts, documents, personal items, and any works or items directly relating to the history and life of Rose O'Neill.
  • Business History - Business History of Toys.
  • Cartoon-related Research at the Library of Congress - Article on researching cartoon's through the Library of Congress. Rose is mentioned. (2000)
  • Cartoonists and caricaturists - article from Insight; Cartoonists and caricaturists bloom like cherry blossoms.(Library of Congress; National Portrait Gallery; Washington, D.C.) (1998)
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Article - Rose Cecile O'Neill - Article from the Encyclopedia Britannica on Rose O'Neill, including Additional Reading and Links to other Britannica Sites. (1998)
  • Illustration Art Solutions - Rose O'Neill and the Kewpies - Bio sketch of Rose O'neill, illustrator and creator of the Kewpies, and examples of her work.
  • Inventors Assistance League - Rose O'Neill, Inventor of the Kewpie Doll - yes, Rose even made the Inventors Assistance League. This page gives a short background on Rose and includes background on Kewpie dolls. (1999)
  • Jell-O Museum Web Site - Brought to you by the The Genesee Pure Food Co., this site provides information on the Jello-O Musuem and includes the history of Jell-O, Jell-O trivia, and historic recipes. Rose O'Neill is listed as one of their note artists.
  • Louise Brooks and the Denishawn Dancers - this page includes a copy of an article of the February 1, 1924, Kansas State Teachers College Collegio that describes Miss St. Denis, Ted Shawn, the Denishawn Dancers, and Rose O'Neill. (1924)
  • Kovels Kewpie Price Guide - Kovels offers an online Kewpie Price Guide where they have compiled the information from five Kovels' price books -- that's more than 200,000 appraiser-approved actual PRICES! (2000)
  • Monstrous Craws & Character Flaws - Information on a Library of Congress exhibition on the merit of cartoons as important works of art and vehicles for social and political commentary, that included a work by Rose O'Neill (Fortune, 1903). (1998)
  • Museum of Discovery - They claim that their Kewpie collection is one of the largest in the world. (2000)
  • Reading Room Index to the Comic Art Collection - Information from the Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections Division that deals with Comic Artists. It lists the index records of Rose recorded as a Comic Artist (22 listings), from her work to mentions in other books. (2/9/2000)
  • Rose O'Neill Kewpie Japan Official web page - This site is in Japanese so you'll want to download a translator. If you can't translate it is still worth looking at for the pictures. (2002)
  • Rose O'Neill's Winsome Kewpies - Collectors News Internet Edition article about Rose O'Neill. (2000)
  • Society of Illustrators - Rose Cecil O'Neill - Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame, which inducted Rose Cecil O'Neill (Wilson) in 1999. (1999)
  • Uchino kewpie-san - The main site is in Japanese, but has a link to an English version. Pictures, blog, and bulletin board about kewpie and toy cupid. (2011)
  • Wikipedia - Rose O'Neill entry - Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The entry on Rose O'Neill includes information on her early life, early career, creation of kewpie, later life, references, and links.

Sales Sites:

  • Charisma Brands - Home to the world of fine porcelin dolls, vinyl dolls, gifts and collectibles. From their site you can find out what Kewpies they have for sale and use the Store Finder to find the closest Kewpie retailer to you.
  • eBay - eBay is an online auction site. A large number of Kewpies and Rose O'Neill items are posted to sell on eBay every day.
  • Kewpie Wings & Rose O'Neill - Created by IROC member Vern Jordan. Dedicated to all aspects of Rose O'Neill and her wonderful creations. Includes information, pictures, and items for sale. (2001)
  • - Europe's oldest and most famous antiquarian comic shop. Their Comiclopedia is an international 'comics encyclopedia' where you'll find over two thousand comic artist biographies, with sample illustrations and related website links.
  • Ruby Lane - Every Ruby Lane shop is pre-screened by an in-house team of seasoned art and antiques professionals, and must meet specific quality and professionalism standards before opening for business. All open shops are required to follow an ongoing, standard set of quality guidelines to help ensure that all items you see for sale are genuine, and accurately represented. Kewpies and other Rose O'Neill related items available from multiple stores.
  • Uniquecharms4u - Customer Italian charms, including Kewpies.