Rose O'Neill first arrived in the Ozarks in 1894 and Bonniebrook (Rose's home) became her retreat. In 1967, a week was dedicated to Rose O'Neill and a group of Kewpie collectors met in Branson, the closest town to Bonniebrook, for what they named "Rose O'Neill Week." In 1968 this get together was named "Kewpiesta" and has continued ever since.

Every year the International Rose O'Neill Club Foundation (IROCF) continues to hold a convention in Branson, Missouri. Kewpie lovers come from all across the United States and from other countries. They have come from as far away as Japan. The current convention is five days long and encompasses the All-Affiliate Get Together, a trade show where authentic and reproductions of Rose's work are sold, an auction, the IROCF's business meeting, educational workshops and is capped by a formal dinner. IROCF members sell items from their rooms throughout the whole week. A theme is chosen for each Kewpiesta and everyone uses the theme to decorate rooms.

The celebration is held at Westgate Branson Woods and several events are open to the public.

Kewpiesta 2018

  • Date: April 17 - 22, 2018
  • Theme: A Visit to Kewpieville




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